Vaibhav Gems Buy GRA Certified Moissanite Stone Original Loose Diamond Gemstone Marquise – Brilliant Cut

. Natural Certified moissanite stone Original loose Diamond gemstone Color : D, Clarity : VVS1 , Hardness : 9.25 ,Product : Loose Moissanite Stone
Moissanite comes Positive on mostly Diamond Tester due to Higher Hardness(9.25)
Durability: Tougher Than Diamond, Impervious to Heat & Chemic.
Our All moissanite stone loose are Quality Checked at Micro Level by Our Expert Team to Meet Highest Quality Standard and Best Customer Satisfaction
Guarantee: Test Positive & Life Time Brilliance
loose gemstone: Moissanite is very similar to Diamond and it doesn’t look like to other cheaper Cubic Zirconia which dull with time.
. GRA Certificate of Authenticity is Included AAA+ Quality
. Natural And Original Moissanite Diamond Gemstone
. 100% pure & White Color Gemstone Quality Grade : STANDARD EXCLUSIVE

 3,500.00 7,500.00(Approx. 42.43$ - 90.91$)

Round Moissanite

Moissanite is lab made with negligible ecological effect.
Esteem. Moissanite is more affordable per carat than numerous different gemstones.
Toughness. Moissanite gemstones are a 9.25 on the Mohs Size of Hardness, so they are reasonable for regular wear.

It draws in extravagance: Moissanite stone is controlled by the planet Venus, which is answerable for sumptuous life. Solid Venus in horoscope assists with satisfying all longings and wishes. Wearing it draws in extravagant life and every one of the fantasies work out.

Really great for wedded Life: Moissanite stone is gainful for hitched life. Moissanite is great for individuals dealing with issues in marriage, defer in marriage. Assists with getting a fruitful marriage life. Moissanite takes out issues like continuous breaks in marriage, separate of connections.

Brings Thriving: Wearing a moissanite brings progress, flourishing, and great distinction. It raises the economic wellbeing and notoriety in the general public. It additionally assists with getting achievement effectively and soon.

Further develop inventiveness: Moissanite stone is energetically prescribed to individuals for working on their creative mind and innovativeness. It is helpful for individuals with high or low imagination.

Work on monetary status: Wearing Moissanite diminishes monetary difficulty, it draws in cash and extravagance, assists with getting achievement, draws in an open door for getting increasingly more cash. Moissanite is powerful in dispensing with issues like constant cash, spending more than acquiring.

For quite a long time, jewels have been viewed as an indication of thriving and class. Subsequently, they are the favored decision for wedding and wedding bands, emblematic of affection and responsibility. Nonetheless, jewels are not by any means the only decision in the market today. There are different choices accessible, each varying in quality and cost. One of them is moissanite.

Moissanite has become broadly famous because of its comparability to jewels. However, it’s something beyond a substitute. Its one of a kind properties and extraordinariness make it one of the most staggering jewels to exist on the lookout.

Brightness is how much light reflected from the inside of the stones and is estimated utilizing the refraction file. Moissanite scores higher on the file, with a score of 2.65-2.69. Certain individuals believe it’s a benefit, while for some, it delivers a ‘disco ball’ result when hit with a brilliant wellspring of light. Precious stone scores somewhat low, with a 2.45 on the file.


Moissanite is normally happening silicon carbide and its different translucent polymorphs. It has the compound recipe SiC and is an uncommon mineral, found by the French scientific expert Henri Moissan in 1893.
Refractive index: nω=2.654 nε=2.967, Birefringence 0.313 (6H form)
Color: Colorless, green, yellow
Melting point: 2730 °C (decomposes)
Luster: Adamantine to metallic
Streak: greenish gray
Cleavage: (0001) indistinct
Category: Mineral species

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1.00 Carat – 10×5 mm, 1.50 Carat – 12×6 mm, 2.00 Carat – 13×6.5 mm, 2.50 Carat – 14×7 mm, 3.00 Carat – 15×7 mm