Bague Reetha Nuts For Hair Soap Nuts 500 grams

.Fights dandruff and hair fall reduces it helps to grow healthy hair growth
. increases the thickness of hair.it does not contain any artificial ingredients
. Makes them soft and shiny.Exfoliates the scalp ,Improves the texture of hair
. it gives you 100% Organic herbs so that you can make the optimum utilization of the herbs and their properties.


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545 in stock

Bague Reetha Nuts For Hair Growth Whole herbal organic naturalOffers Wide-Ranging Hair /body, clothes / Vessels… care — Used for hair & body wash by grinding it into powder and making paste or by soaking whole nuts in water. Gentle on cloths/ vessels & sustainable for earth. Skin safe, compostable, saves water, organic & vegan. Berries can be used upto 6 times. Soap berries has ‘Saponins’ which have ability to clean and wash & lemon has Vitamin C rich ‘citrus’ to kill germs. Natural citrus based cleanser for clean, soft & fragrant clothes & vessels. Contains no artificial chemicals & non-toxic.

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