100% Natural Certified Green Emerald Panna Square Shape Gemstone 11.5 Ratti

Natural CertifiedEmerald Loose Gemstone_x000D_
Stone Certification : Free Certified &Green Color_x000D_
Gemstone Quality Grade : STANDARD EXCLUSIVE_x000D_
100% Genuine Earth Mined Emerald Gemstone

 6,050.00  12,100.00(Approx. 73.20$)

This is completely regular emerald gemstone. The pearl is of fine cutting with no warmed or treated process. Emerald is the gemstone for planet Mercury according to vedic crystal gazing. As the name proposes, there can be a fluctuating ascent in life. Wearing an emerald acquires scholarly advance and aides in improving this planet control and gets better comprehension of life, an adjusted point of view and one can see a spurt in imagination and masterful gifts and capacity to develop better. Wearing an emerald can help in better relational abilities. product weight is 1.85 carats

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Weight 90 g
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 5 cm